Frequently Asked Questions

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If you do not know what Arbitraging is, or even why it is something you might want to look into, then watch my YouTube Videos here:

Arbitrage definition from Encarta dictionary: "the simultaneous buying and selling of the same negotiables or commodities in different markets in order to make an immediate riskless profit"

The minimum investment allowed into aBot is $250. This remains true even after the first deposit into aBot - ALL deposits/investments must meet that minimum.

I recommend you start with an initial buy of at least $300.  This will allow you to cover fees , and still leave a bit in your MetaMask wallet, to cover withdrawals or other transfers.  I usually leave at least $5 worth of ETH in my MetaMask.

While returns are never guaranteed, averages since inception run between 0.5% and 1.0% daily. That equates to an average of 20-30% monthly. All profits can either be withdrawn daily, or left in the aBot and allowed to compound.