Goal #1 Setup MetaMask wallet

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MetaMask is an ERC 20 compatible wallet for use with ETHereum and Tokens like ARB that are built on the ETH platform. It is essential that an ERC 20 compliant wallet is used when interacting (Deposits and withdrawals) with the Arbitraging.co platform. This allows your deposits to be credited properly based on your unique wallet address. If you deposit directly from an exchange wallet (Like Coinbase) the team will have to manually track down your deposit to credit your account, and they will charge a minimum of $10 to do that. Please use MetaMask or another ERC20 Compliant wallet.

How to setup your MetaMask wallet:

Download and enable the MetaMask extension from here . This works best with Chrome browser, but FireFox is also supported.

Either search for MetaMask in google, or use the link above to get to the screen shown. Click the  button. Then when this screen appears, click the Add Extension button.

Once added, you should have a little fox icon in the top right of your screen: . Click on the fox. If you get this screen, then you should click try it now.

 Click Continue. Create a password that you can remember, but not one that is easy to guess. Avoid using any part of your bitrhday or SS number.

Click Next…Then read and accept the agreement, and privacy notice, and Phishing Warnings.


Click the padlock image to reveal the seed words which can restore your metamask on a different computer.


  • Store this phrase in a password manager like LastPass.
  • Write this phrase on a piece of paper and store in a secure location. If you want even more security, write it down on multiple pieces of paper and store each in 2 - 3 different locations.
  • Memorize this phrase.
  • Download this Secret Backup Phrase and keep it stored safely on an external encrypted hard drive or storage medium.

Click NEXT

Once revealed and saved, then click next and select the blocks with the words in them to confirm you have them correct. When Finished click the confirm button, then View Account. It should look similar to this:


This is your wallet address: (Mine anyway, yours will be different)

Clicking on it will turn it blue and allow you to copy it for use elsewhere. You can also click the account name once you close the view account screen.

Congratulations, you now have MetaMask wallet setup and read to use.

If you'd like to watch the step-by-step video:

Next we'll paste it into the send address on your Coinbase account wallet.