Goal #4 Buy ETHereum (ETH)

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Sign up for an account at Coinbase here. Coinbase will be your gateway to buy and sell crypto currency like ETHereum. They are one of the most trusted exchanges on the internet and follow full KYC (Know Your Customer) rules for US citizens. This site will also let you sell your crypto to take out profit (Send it to your bank account). There are other sites, but this is the one we all start with, and I still use it today.

The Minimum deposit required to activate the aBot and auto reinvest, is $250. There will be a few fees before you get into the bot (Buy fee from Coinbase, miner fee when transferring, etc.) so a good initial buy amount is between $300 and $1000. This will leave a little extra ETH in your MetaMask, and cover all fees, still allowing you to deposit more than the minimum. Keep in mind, when you make a deposit into the aBot later, you will have to wait 10 days before you can add more.
If you click this link, Coinbase will give you $10 after you buy $100 worth of ETH. That could offset some fees when you first get started.

It should take you to a screen like this:
Click the Sign Up button

Fill in the blanks and it will guide you through account creation. Have a photo ID and a web cam for facial comparison. Or use a cell phone for that part. If your bank is one of the ones supported, you can authorize it by logging in.  Ireccomend you caonnect and use a Debit card for your first purchase, so that the ETH will be availble instantly tot transfer. You want to verify your identity up to Level 3 and enable sending Crypto.
Once you have connected Coinbase to your bank account or debit card (Bank account has lower fees, but may take extra days to process until you establish the account. Debit card is usually an instant transfer,) then you will be able to buy and sell Crypto.

Upload requested documents to enable sending and receiving crypto. This is for your own protection, they want proof that you are who you say you are.

Once your account creation and setup is complete, then click the Buy/Sell at the top of the screen:

Coinbase Buy 2nd screen

From the payment method, select either your debit card, or bank account.

Enter the number of dollars worth of ETH you want to purchase, and then confirm the transaction by clicking the  Button.

If using a checking account, you may have to wait several days initially. Once your account has been confirmed (KYC information verified), then bank account can be an instant transfer.

Congratulations! You have just purchased Crypto Currency!