Goal #7 How to buy tokens on the internal exchange

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If you did not do it in the last Goal, then now that you have deposited some ETH, go to the WALLET tab and you should see your ETH that you’ve deposited.
Below your ETH amount there’s a Transfer ETH text and from there select send to Exchange.

Click on the Exchange tab and you’ll see your ETH balance on the exchange.

On the left, you will see the SELL orders and on the right side are the BUY orders. In order to place a buy order, you can either buy at Market Value, or select the ETH price on the top of the Sell Side, and it will fill in the blanks on the buy side.

More advanced users may want to place a bid between the highest BUY order and the Lowest Sell Order. It will likely be filled shortly.
If you just want to move that money into the aBot, then place your buy, and get that ARB.