Goal #8 Activate aBot and Re-Invest your Profits Automatically

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Once you have purchased some ARB tokens you will see them in the exchange,to the right of the ETH side.
Click the Transfer to Wallet button that is placed above the buy/sell block and choose ARB.

Now go to your WALLET tab and you will see your ARB tokens there. Press Send To and select aBot. Your tokens will be given a dollar value in red.

The aBot tab now has 2 distinct prices shown:

Your ARB tokens are sold into the aBot, at the current price shown in the aBot tab as “ARB Price in aBOT” circled above.
The “aBOT STOP PRICE” is usually higher, and is the price used to convert and STOP the aBot if you exit , turning it back into ARB tokens.  You can see it is NOT wise to enter the aBot and then Stop the aBot and exit.   The aBot was designed to make profits daily, using the combined balance of all aBot accounts to initiate and complete profitable Arbitrage trades.


Your aBot balance is always in USD. The amount you transfer in, will become active at your aBot ID: time in the top right corner of the aBot screen.  Your first profit will be 24 hrs after the pending amount goes active.
That is also when the daily profits are paid out. If you want to be paid out daily as profit, then you are all set. You will receive ARB tokens every day that are the profit from the day. You cannot re-invest them (manually) until you reach a minimum of $250 worth. If you select the Auto Re-invest button, then your daily profit will automatically be added to your balance in USD at your aBOT ID time.  THIS IS THE BEST IDEA if you want to compound your daily profits.  Your balance will grow faster, as you are now compounding.
If you put in a starting balance and selected the Auto Reinvest button in aBot, then your profits will be added to your balance every day. Just sit back and watch it grow.


The screen shot above is from my account that started with $1000, 30 days ago. So I have earned $256.85 in 30 days without risking my original investment of $1000. That is 25.685% profit in 1 month.
This works with any balance above $250. I could have had 10k in there and I would now have $12568.50.
One member, CryptoGonk, started a publicly viewable account with 125000 on 7/31/2018. As of today, 8/21/2018, here is a screenshot of his account:

CrytoGonk's account

He made $1202.62 in Profit yesterday. Without risk to his balance.

I hope to get there someday… he is earning over $365,000 per year, Just from aBot.

Your money is only locked during the first 24 hours, after that, you can take it out at any time.
If you completely STOP aBot, you will be Buying ARB tokens for your wallet at the STOP ABOT PRICE.  You can click the button and take out SOME any portion of the balance, without the aBot stopping. This really should only be done if you are in a severe financial need.  It will cost you a bit due to the price difference.

When you reach the aBot balance you desire by re-investing and adding funds, then you should change the Auto Reinvest to either %25, %50, 75%, or disable Auto Reinvest and take 100% profit each day.

With the auto Reinvest at anything less than 100%, you will start to accumulate ARB tokens in the are marked Total Earned ARB.  You can then transfer these ARB to the internal exchange to sell them for ETH.