Goal #9 How to sell your profits for ETH and withdraw it

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If you press the Transfer Earned to Wallet, you are presented with a choice:  
I choose to transfer them directly to the Exchange when I sell them, as you have No limit on selling from the Earned Wallet.  Once you transfer some ARB over to the Exchange, go to the exchange tab.

select the Earned Exchange wallet from the drop down.

You will see your ARB tokens in the Balance.  Now it is time to set a proper Sell price to move them quickly, but not undercut the other prices.  I always try to set my sells about %10 higher than the lowest sell order.

The example above has 0.037989 as the price for 150 ARB.  So I would set my price to 10% more.  Using a caculator, 0.037989 x 1.10 ( the quick way to get a total at 10% higher) = 0.0417879 as my sell price.  You could also use 1.05 in the math above if you only want 5% more (My minimum when selling ARB)  selling at anything less than %5 more is taking money out of your pocket, when you figure you will be sending it to Metamask>>>then to CoinBase>>>> Then selling it to USD >>>>then transferring it to your bank or using it on a Visa Debit card like Shift.  The fees will take some of that profit.  Why not have just a little bit of patience, and keep a higher bid.  When I sell this way, it is usually sold in a few hours.

If you selected to split your auto reinvest, or not reinvest at all, then you will have a daily profit in ARB your Total Earned (ARB) value will grow until you hit the Transfer Earned to Wallet button.

If you want to hold the ARB, then just transfer to the system wallet, if you want to sell then select the Exchange wallet.

Return to the exchange tab and place a sell order for the amount of ARB and a price in ETH. Once sold, there will be a balance on the ETH side of the exchange.
You can transfer this to your wallet for withdrawal.

  • You cannot have two accounts with the same wallet (Your funds will be lost).
  • Pending Investments will not be activated unless the value is $250 or more.
  • You cannot withdraw Pending Investment.
  • You can stop aBot at any time and withdraw your funds.