Start Arbitraging for Consistent Daily Profits

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Start Arbitraging

If you do not know what Arbitraging is, or even why it is something you might want to look into, check out Why Arbitrage?

I encourage everyone to do their own research. This guide is NOT financial advice, I am NOT a financial advisor. What you do with your money, is your decision.

Getting all the things you need, and in the proper order you will need them:

  1. Setup the MetaMask (MM) wallet
  2. Setup your Arbitraging Account (You need the Meta Mask wallet First)
  3. Setup 2-factor-authentication to protect your account (Authy)
  4. Buy ETHereum (ETH) with Coinbase
  5. Transfer ETH to your MetaMask Wallet
  6. Deposit ETH to the platform deposit address FROM your registered MetaMask Wallet. (Use a vpn if you are in the U.S.)
  7. Buy ARB tokens on the Platform Internal Exchange (IE)
  8. Transfer ARB tokens back to your Platform wallet, and then into aBot
  9. Properly sell your ARB Profits to get the most ETH
  10. RELAX! You just did everything you need to do for getting started!

Useful Links to the things you will need (Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links, designed to bring me a little bit of profit for the effort I put into making this guide. If you use my links - Thank You! Consider it good Karma for sharing what I know with you. If you choose not to use them, I understand, but please consider sharing this guide with others that may benefit):

MetaMask Extension:
Arbitraging Account (Affiliate Link):
     You may also sign up without being an affiliate directly at
Authy for 2FA:
Compounding Calculator:
Nice website with information on all things ARB:
My YouTube channel for how to videos for all of the steps. Please like, subscribe and select the bell icon to be notified when I post new information.

Join the excellent community on Telegram:

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#Arbitraging Official Groups and Channels:
Official Group: @ARBOfficial
Official Channel: @ARBITRAGING
Media Channel: @ARBBroadcast
Current ARB Price: @ARB_Price_Bot

Let’s get started. The GOAL links at the top will walk you through every stop of the way.