Why should you get involved with Arbitraging

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Arbitrage definition Encarta dictionary: "the simultaneous buying and selling of the same negotiables or commodities in different markets in order to make an immediate riskless profit"

What the Arbitraging.co automated bot (aBot) does is automated arbitraging. It buys on one exchange, and sells on another exchange, say BTC, and pockets the price difference as a profit. It does this on many exchanges with many crypto currencies. And so, throughout a 24-hour period it gains currently on average around 23% return per month.

Arbitraging is totally different to normal directional trading, where you buy a crypto in the hopes it goes up in price, or sell it in the hopes it will drop. That is speculation, and very high risk, and most people lose doing it.

aBot is set to not take a losing trade. it knows all the costs involved in putting on any arbitraging trade, and so takes the profitable ones and passes on the losing ones.

The aBot is meant for long term passive income. You buy ARB tokens, place them into the aBot at the token price you feel is best for your investment (higher the better), and let it ride for months and years for daily passive income from arbitraging. You can compound daily earnings, or sell them.

As an investor, I believe arbitraging in crypto currencies will be a viable business model as long as crypto currencies exist. And I also personally believe that crypto currencies are just in their infant stages of growth. Like anything, crypto currencies will go through their growing pains, abuses, manipulations, and become more and more mature as years pass. The world population growing towards 8 billion, and a tiny fraction active in crypto currencies.

And this platform is only a few months old, aBot launched April 15, the Internal Exchange (IE) launched on April 30th, 2018, that's only 4 months and a few days. And the mBot isn't even released.

People get scared when prices drop like this. One must grow a thick skin in any investment. Heck, even huge companies stock go through massive price swings at times, companies who have been around for many decades.

Buying a coin/token in one exchange at a low price and instantly selling it in another exchange for a higher price to immediately lock in a profit! The ARB Arbitrage software will only buy a coin/token if it can sell it instantly for a profit – this means YOUR TRADE IS NOT DESIGNED TO MAKE A LOSS.

When using aBot, your daily arbitrage trade profits will be paid to you in ARB.

You will be able to unlock your capital deposit of ARB back in the form of ARB at the current market value any time, you can choose to stay running with aBot and continue receiving daily arbitrage trade profits or end using aBOT at any time.

With only a total of 8.7 million tokens and BOT software that is already operating on the Blockchain, ARB will follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong. The token is projected to appreciate strongly so choosing to HOLD ARB may be a profitable option.